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Experience is the best teacher, don't be afraid to discard this advice as you become more skilled and are ready to push your limits!


Beginning Gameplay


To start strong, select an area with a lot of cities and drop your pods around it. They should be close enough to support each other, but spread out enough to have good coverage for claiming cities. Bear in mind that your opponent is doing the same thing; it can be unpleasant to land directly on them.


By default you begin with 3 satellites and receive a new one on every even turn number. Use satellites when knowing if an enemy is in a tile will change what you do.


You never begin with missiles, and receive them every fourth turn beginning at turn four. Use missiles on valuable stacks of enemies when you don't have enough units in the area to deal with them. Remember that nothing escapes an incoming missile -- everything you see in the targeted tile will be destroyed.

Drop Pods

By default you begin with 3 drop pods, and receive a new one on every sixth turn beginning at turn six. Drop pods are almost always more effective the riskier the drop is.


Every turn a summary of all ops, combat, and units gained is presented to you. Besides moving your existing units you should click through this list and make sure you find out how everything went and what new units you gained since the previous turn.

Continuing Gameplay


When possible, keep troopers moving in pairs through mountain terrain as that has equal power to a tank. On plains, troopers are much less effective.


Tanks shine against troopers when not in mountains, but die extremely easily to bombers. Tanks should be escorted by two troopers if a bomber is likely to be used against them.


Bombers are very strong against tanks, but still must fear troopers. While it takes two troopers to destroy a bomber on plains, in mountains a single trooper is enough to take one down.

Trooper + Tank

Be careful when moving one trooper and one tank together, as they do not compliment each other well normally. This combo becomes very powerful when flanking though!


If you have a single unit deep in enemy territory, don't be afraid to avoid attacking an enemy city! Having a scout nearby to watch and threaten can be far more valuable than neutralizing a city for one turn.


When the enemy has no missiles, you can stack units up in strong combinations to take and hold cities. Be very careful if they do have or are about to receive missiles, as stacks of five or more power are often valuable targets to blow up. Related to this, try to not hold a city for a long time by using a bomber as it is easy to receive a tank or bomber and immediately have a power five or higher stack!


As long as you have a unit in a city at the start of the turn you'll receive credit for it. However, if there was a battle or missile strike that city won't produce any units! Sometimes it's worthwhile to leave a doomed unit in a city so that an enemy taking it can't receive units immediately.


Pay attention to the percent production each turn, and keep in mind how many units the enemy likely has compared to you. Due to the fog of war it can be easy to feel like you're being overwhelmed, but your enemy may actually be in worse shape than you are. Never give up!

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