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Add links maybe? So that it looks Main Page style and one can jump to the unit's attributes from any place?

(Style changes look really nice)

Power Trooper Tank Bomber
Trooper 1 1 0,75 1,5
Tank 2 3 2 1,5
Bomber 3 2,25 4,5 3
I think that creates too much confusion on what to link where. You would then have to link all unit types in all articles to Unit. So far it has been a very simple rule. If the word is the "same" as the article name, you link to it. I think we should keep it like that. And oh, don't forget to sign your comment with ~~~~ even if you can't login yet. :) – Rok (talk) 22:45, 11 December 2008 (UTC)
Meh, so far I'm your only external contributor :P But if you insist, be my guest: ~Wrannie (Respectfully yours,). P.S.: This was more like a color/style suggestion.
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