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  • Hold right mouse button and drag mouse around.
  • W or up arrow: Scroll up.
  • A or left arrow: Scroll left.
  • S or down arrow: Scroll down.
  • D or right arrow: Scroll right.
  • Move the mouse to an edge of the window to scroll in that direction.

Unit Movement / Operation Positioning

  • Press and hold left mouse button over unit or operation and drag it to destination.
  • To undo the assignment simply drag it back to where it came from.

Events Panel

  • Left mouse button on event: Center on event location.


  • Enter: Press ok-type button on panel (generally). / Press first button in menu (generally). / Focus on chat panel's text box.
  • Esc: Press cancel-type button on panel (generally). / Press last button in menu (generally). / Toggle visibility of in-game menu panel.
  • The first letter of a button's label also generally presses that button. If the first letter is already taken by something else, another letter of the label that represents the button well, is taken.
  • Spacebar: End turn.
  • PrtSc or ctrl + P: Take jpg screen shot.
  • Alt + PrtSc or alt + ctrl + P: Take png screen shot.
  • Alt + enter: Toggle full screen mode.
  • Alt + F4: Close application.
  • F1: Toggle detailed hints.
  • F2: Toggle Alliance Colors.
  • F12: Toggle show FPS.
  • Tilde: Toggle visibility of chat panel.
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